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VideoBiker Boost your skills with motorcycle video guides

Enhance your motorcycle training with VideoBiker

How serious are you about learning to ride or improving your chances of passing the test first time? Are you interested in enhancing your riding and learning experience to improve your existing skill level, confidence and knowledge? RMT Motorcycle Training are in the unique position, being one of the first business partners of VideoBiker, to ensure you are better prepared for the journey ahead.

VideoBiker is a forward thinking company that has rider safety as its objective. Because of their commitment to the training industry bringing you various revolutionary products, we are happy to recommend them to you. Their online video platforms ensure a more enjoyable experience when undertaking learner motorcycle training, giving you a higher entry level after viewing the video modules when you take your first steps on two wheels. Be better prepared with in-depth academies taking you through a step by step process in various ways, video, audio and ebook format for each lesson. [join here]

Perfect compliment to practical motorcycle training

If you want to pass the motorcycle tests first time, you can rely on the Module 1 and 2 guidance videos, that will enhance your knowledge and skill levels in the comfort of your own home. These should be used in conjunction with and to compliment practical motorcycle training with a professional organisation that offers Client Centred Learning.

The videos are a constant reference, you can watch them over and over again to enforce new skills, many hours of viewing will elevate your learning experience to a higher entry level. You will enjoy the practical learning experience even more, meaning no time is wasted during your practical training because pre course learning has already taken place.

Because of your knowledge, the quality of your training will be higher as you will be better prepared prior to attending. This will help to avoid unnecessary extra training days if you already have the skills and knowledge, ensuring a greater understanding when you use VideoBiker as your training aid.

A look inside VideoBiker (CBT/Learners)

VideoBiker also offers Module One, Module Two and Advanced resources.

About VideoBiker

Despite significant developments in both rider safety and training standards, motorcycle accident statistics remain disprortionately high. Of greater concern than the 20,000 plus accidents that occur each year in the UK are the common denominators, of which a significant percentage can be attributed to rider error.

For this to improve riders must take 100% responsibility for their own safety, visibility and training. Facts are facts and the truth is that significant numbers of motorcycle accidents are avoidable. A vision to reduce serious accidents is the underpinning philosophy of VideoBiker. The goal is to help riders to ‘keep it on the black stuff’ and to influence this through video based training resources that both complement and enhance instructor-led motorcycle training.

VideoBiker is the UK’s first and only 100% video based motorcycle training resource. With a focus on learner (CBT), Direct Access, Module One and Module Two, online memberships give convenient access to four motorcycle training academies and a wealth of other motorcycle training resources.

Stop dreaming & start riding – we’ll take you on the journey. You’re just one call away from your destination.