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RMT Instructors

  • Simon Hayes - Motorcycle Training Instructor

    Simon Hayes
    (CBT, DAS, Advanced, ERS & Tours)

    I have been riding motorbikes since 1985 and instructing learners from 1991, when the CBT was first introduced. The started to teach motorcycling to enable learner riders to be safe and in control of what they were doing and of course understand what the bike was doing. [more]

  • Laura Smith - Motorcycle Training Instructor

    Laura Smith
    (CBT, DAS, Advanced, ERS & Tours)

    I passed my motorcycle test in 2012 and my IAM advanced test in 2015. Although I’ve only been riding for a relatively short amount of time, I’ve seen first hand how good quality training can make a huge difference to a riders confidence. [more]

  • Mike Harbon - Motorcycle Training Instructor

    Mike Harbon
    (CBT, DAS & Advanced)

    I first slung my leg over a motorbike when I was 14 and used to annoy the local farmer riding a James 125cc two stroke around his field in 1969. I then ventured into the Mod phase and had a Lambretta Li150 until I joined the Royal Navy. [more]

  • Paul Barrett - Motorcycle Training Instructor

    Paul Barrett
    (CBT, DAS, Advanced & ERS)

    I started riding in 1980 and have enjoyed the various bikes and experiences over many years, both for commuting and for pleasure from classic BSA’s to modern Super-bikes. I first got into the Instructional side as a part time “hobby” back in 1998 and was taught my trade here at RMT. [more]

  • Colin Humpage - Motorcycle Training Instructor

    Colin Humpage
    (CBT & DAS)

    I have been riding since 1989 and teaching since 1994. I have always loved motorcycling and the pure freedom that it gives you. As you need 100% concentration when riding, it helps me to forget any worries that I might have and is a perfect release from the day’s routine. [more]

  • Del Padmore - Motorcycle Training Instructor

    Del Padmore

    I am an accomplished rider; having been in the saddle since 1994, of which I have been involved with advanced driving and rider skills. I have been a trained assessor since 2000. [more]

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