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Motorcycle theory test DVSA (The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)

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You must pass the motorcycle theory test prior to undergoing the two practical motorcycle tests, but you can do your CBT course and start your training before you do the theory test.

Passing your Theory Test is a requisite before you can take your Module One and Module Two practical motorcycle tests.

Whilst training with us, you will receive classroom sessions, road awareness and riding techniques, but you must undergo some home study to revise for your theory test.

You will need to book the theory test yourself and this can be done by calling the DVSA (The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) on 0300 200 1122 or by visiting their website.

Motorcycle theory test

Not required for CBT

If you only want to do a CBT course, then the Theory and Hazard Perception Test is not necessary but it is a legal requirement that you know and understand the rules of the road before you progress onto the road as a rider.

You might find the following site useful to help you revise for your theory test, or have a look at the highway code here. We will, of course, help you if you need further clarification on the theory test and what it involves.

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