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Before you book a CBT Course

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For Our Customers

When you book your CBT Course with us, you automatically receive FREE access to our online training resource. It is called ‘The Learners Academy’ and is worth £29.97. This can be used for pre CBT learning which helps new riders learn about the motorcycle before they arrive.

It also gives in-depth training when learning to ride, giving step by step demonstrations on how to ride. There is also a dedicated section to riding on the road. Our customers say it has helped them learn how to ride and understand what to do – eliminating the stress and anxiety of learning new skills.

It all starts with Compulsory Basic Training

We give you the perfect solution to become a better rider. Our practical training creates safer riders and our online products training course gives you the ideal learning platform.

We offer an excellent CBT Compulsory Basic Training programme with thorough and professional training delivered to you with outstanding instruction. With a maximum of two students per instructor you are guaranteed a personal and memorable experience.

You initially book the Compulsory Basic Training course as a one day programme but may need further education to complete it to a satisfactory standard. The course is delivered at our training facility in Park Farm Redditch. The day is broken down into five elements.



Element A

CBT Course introduction and classroom briefing.

Element B & C

This is off-road training in a safe environment, where you will become familiar with the motorcycle, its controls and how it works. You will be taught step-by-step on how to ride a motorcycle.

Element D

During lunch you will be given a road safety briefing in the comfort of our training premises.

Element E

Once you reach the required standard in the off-road motorcycle training, you will be taken out for a road ride assessment.


A final debrief of your riding, issuing your DL196 certificate and a discussion on your further training requirements.

Compulsory basic training is a legal requirement

The CBT is a basic training course and is required by law if you want to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road. It is not an attendance course.

The issue of a CBT (DL196) certificate means you have achieved a safe and satisfactory riding standard during the motorcycle training. You can now ride your motorbike unaccompanied on the road, putting into practice what you have been taught. If for any reason you do not reach the required standard on the day, further CBT motorcycle training will be necessary. This is to ensure you are confident to ride on your own and safe enough to obtain a certificate.

If you are not a road user, it is vital that you read and understand the Highway Code prior to attending the CBT course. We strongly advise that you know what all road signs mean and understand the rules of the road. This is for your own safety and for the safety of other road users.

The CBT certificate is only valid for two years. Riding in towns and cities like Birmingham and Redditch can be demanding. If you do not pass your motorcycle test during this period, you must complete another CBT course to continue riding legally on the road.



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Receive a £5 discount when you book online using CBT5 as your discount code.

CBT – Compulsory Basic Training

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Receive a £5 discount when you book online using CBT5 as your discount code.