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Slow control skills Controlling a motorcycle at slow speeds is key

Committed to helping riders to improve their skills

If the thought of riding slowly makes you nervous, especially around other bikers, then this is the course for you. It will replace your apprehension with newly found confidence and skills.

At RMT Motorcycle Training we are committed to helping our customers improve their riding ability and confidence and as such have designed a slow speed riding course that will help develop your slow speed control. It is an extremely important part of riding and because it is difficult, it is ignored by so many riders; instead riding quickly is looked upon as a better option and greater challenge. Infact people rate their ability on how fast they ride and not how in control they are.

Improve your slow control and boost your confidence

Our course is designed to improve slow speed control and build confidence. You are assured that our highly proficient and experienced instructors will give you expert advice and tips throughout the course. If you have been worried about riding into a full car park at a local biker meet or avoid riding slowly, then you should consider some guidance. It is likely that you don’t practice slow control because you are concerned about falling off or dropping your bike. These fears are normal and are easily solved with tuition and help from one of our expert motorcycle instructors.

The training course will develop your throttle, clutch and rear brake control and ensure you have the necessary skills to be confident and deliberate in your motorcycle control and technique. It is extremely important to us that you receive intensive riding care during your day with us.

Slow control and advanced tuition

We will provide you with some crucial advice that you really don’t want to miss. Tips and tuition will be given throughout the course and we will provide you with excellent after care support too should you wish to develop your riding skills further. Depending on your requirements, your training could commence with a morning undertaking slow riding skills and then an afternoon of advanced tuition putting the new skills into practice.

Stop dreaming & start riding – we’ll take you on the journey. You’re just one call away from your destination.