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Refresher motorcycle training Ideal for those returning to two-wheels after a break

Safely back to motorcycle riding after a break

Want to re-discover the reason why you learnt to ride a motorcycle in the first place? Brush up on your skills with us and you’ll be safely back on the road in no time. Our refresher courses have been designed for the born again biker or for people who are returning to biking after a riding break or even for those who only ride occasionally. You might feel that your skills need a little honing or you lack confidence with your new bike and its power.

We will sit down with you in the comfort of our excellent training facilities to discuss your areas of concern and what you want to cover and practice. We will then go on an assessment ride on the open road to establish what training programme would be best suited to you. We will work together during the day to tackle the skills that most concern you.

Refresher motorcycle training overview

Bespoke & tailored to your training needs

There is no set training programme as every course is individually tailored to suit your needs and requirements. There are no set number of days of training either, you can do just one day, then go away and practice your new skills and decide to come back for further guidance sometime in the future. Individual practice time is imperative to your learning process and improvement.

Once you have seen your skills develop, normally customers enrol onto an ERS course and then move onto advanced motorcycle training which not only takes your training a step further but also entitles you to discounts on your motorbike insurance

Stop dreaming & start riding – we’ll take you on the journey. You’re just one call away from your destination.