Paul Berry
CBT, DAS, ERS & Advanced
Motorcycle Instructor

Paul Berry

I started riding when I was 10 years of age, having the luxury of messing around in fields on various motorcycles, C15’s and other BSA’s. At the age of 16 I took to the road and it wasn’t long before I had the wind in my hair in the early 70s, when you could ride up to a 250 on a provisional licence. I took a long break from riding after getting married, life and kids got in the way and motorcycling became a long distant memory. Until my wife decided she wanted to learn to ride and booked me on a course with her. Not too sure about it, I went along with her wishes to do a training course called Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Wow, this was about to change my life forever. I really took to riding again but this time with loads of mistakes, after a few challenges I passed my Direct Access (DAS) test in 1997 with Midland School of Motoring (MSM) in Stratford-Upon-Avon. I found the whole experience fantastic, I had the bug big time. I went straight out and got my first bike, a Triumph Trident 900. I then started touring Wales, Scotland and almost the whole of England, going to bike meets and rallies as often as I could but this wasn’t enough, I just wanted more. So within a couple of years I had trained for and taken advanced motorcycle training with both IAM and RoSPA.

I wanted to give something back, I’d spent years on the road as a salesman watching all kinds of poor driving and riding. I had a burning desire to help riders achieve what I had recently done, I didn’t find it easy to start with but knew I could give my knowledge to new and inexperienced riders. I had kept in touch with the training school and soon became a part-time assistant instructor, progressing to a full-time CBT and DAS Instructor in 1997. That was it, no more driving on the congested roads getting frustrated with traffic jams. I was now going to be a full-time motorcycle instructor giving guidance to a variety of people. When the Enhanced Rider Scheme came out, I went through the process of becoming a fully qualified Advanced Motorcycle Trainer.

One thing I can say is that people learn very differently, no one is the same so teaching techniques have to be adapted accordingly. The best advice I was given as a trainer is, if the customer doesn’t understand the instructions given, it’s not the customers fault – it’s the instructor at fault. Because of this, I constantly strive to find new ways to develop my students and I get a great deal of satisfaction when they get it and start riding on their own. Midland School of Motorcycling (MSM) unfortunately closed down in 2017 due to building development, so without looking anywhere else the whole team migrated to RMT Motorcycle Training. I can honestly say that the amalgamation has strengthened both companies as we have become the most experienced training school for miles around.


DVSA Certified CBT Instructor
DVSA Certified DAS Instructor
DVSA Certified ERS Instructor
RPMT registered
RoSPA (Gold) advanced certificate
IAM RoadSmart advanced rider
Advanced Riding Instructor


Motorcycle instructor since 1997

Stratford-upon-Avon motorcycle training with Paul Berry
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