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This is a brand new and unique online training course to develop your instructor knowledge with Simon Hayes as your personal training coach.

As he reveals essential secrets to you, that will help guide you to becoming a brilliant motorcycle instructor.

We are the only training company in the country to offer this unique online video tutorial and education programme for Modular Motorcycle Training (MMT). It is an online based training course that guides you through a whole CBT course in the comfort of your own home, being able to watch the videos on any device.

This bespoke training course allows you to watch full lessons being delivered to Cardington standard, you can watch the videos over and over again as you prepare your own lessons and methods of delivery.

You will not need to keep attending a CBT course at the training school to watch the same lesson being delivered. The downside to watching an instructor conducting a CBT course is you would need to attend each day a course is being delivered, if you wanted to watch a certain lesson being conducted 10 times, that’s 10 days of your time, spread over a long period of time, perhaps several weeks turning into months. This unique programme that we bring to you, saves huge amounts of time as you can watch the same video lesson being delivered 10 times in an afternoon, if you wish.

Because our unique course is BRAND NEW we have an INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER – Give me immediate access to the online training videos for £299.99, and receive my FREE GIFT of a full set of CBT lesson plans.

With our online video course you can STOP, REWIND, PLAY, FAST FORWARD and PAUSE at will, while you are putting together your own training plans and material, you can watch the same lesson being conducted in comfort, this is where we have brought motorcycle training to the next level, just for you.

You will be amazed at the results and remember, you won’t need to be out in the cold and wet trying to remember what the instructor said at that precise moment in time. Just rewind the video and you’re exactly where you want to be in the lesson and more importantly you can press PAUSE, write your own notes and press PLAY when you are ready to continue.

What You Get For Your Money

  • CBT Training videos for all 5 elements Only £299.99
  • FREE set of lesson plans worth £99.99
  • FREE Methods of Instruction guide
  • Lesson planning FREE
  • For a limited time just £299.99 saving of £99.99
  • A huge saving of 25%
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Online Course

When you make a booking with RMT Motorcycle Training, you will receive a 7 part email series to help you prepare for your CBT course with us. We give you all the secrets to be able to pass first time along with FREE videos to watch to make riding on the road even easier.

Purchase the Online Video Instructor Training Course

Instructor Training Videos for all 5 elements
ONLY £299.99

We have put a video tutorial for each lesson that is conducted throughout a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course to help you prepare and understand how to deliver a brilliant lesson as a trainer.

By using the methods of instruction route plan, we will guided you through the four critical phases of training required in a skills lesson, they are Explanation, Demonstration, Instruction and Practice.

By using this method throughout the videos we are showing you the merits of a formal training plan that, together with good subject knowledge will have you training your own customers in no time at all.

eBook – Full set of CBT Lesson Plans
ONLY £99.99

A full e-book of lesson plans has been put together for you, they cover an in depth methodology of the five elements of a CBT course and what must be taught in each section. They are a guide that will help you put together your our lesson plan that will be unique to you and your own lesson delivery.

These have been designed with military precision and are the basis for you to become a brilliant trainer, saving you hours and hours of painstaking work and research. If you don’t have a training background, the work is already done for you as a template for you to use.

You will also receive a FREE e-book on methods of instruction and lesson planning when you purchase The CBT LESSON PLANS.

Methods of Instruction & Lesson planning
Now ONLY £299

Methods of Instruction is a vital way of understanding how and what to teach, at what pace and level and how to deliver to your audience. It is the missing link that is key to your success to become a good coach.

A lesson plan is the way you wish to conduct the particular lesson you are teaching, it is your route to delivering a great lesson, it gives you the headings, content, timings and information on delivery types so that you don’t get lost halfway through your delivery, including questioning techniques.

Lesson plans are a perfect way to put your ideas down on paper and give you an exact way of how you want to deliver the lesson. Many instructors do not understand the importance of lesson plans but you will be given the full compliment of lesson plans for the full CBT course.

Purchase the Instructor Training Videos + the eBook was £399.99 now £299.99


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