Motorcycle Instructor Training

Make a huge difference to people’s lives and become a motorcycle instructor. Teach learners life saving skills and safe riding techniques for their long future riding motorbikes.

Our Motorcycle Instructor Training is thorough and extensive, as we guide you through the process to become a great coach.

RMT Motorcycle Training offers a comprehensive training package for you to become a Motorcycle Instructor. Our programmes will ensure you understand the structure of lesson planning, have a sound knowledge of instruction methods and can deliver lessons in a clear, precise and simple way that will be easily understood by your students. The guidance you receive will be in the format of Client Centred Learning, that puts the customer first in every aspect.

If you are already an instructor or trainer in another field, why not try your hand at a new career? You could become a part-time instructor at weekends to help out at a local training school or even have a complete career change and take up this rewarding profession full time. There are false claims, that state you can become a fully qualified motorcycle instructor in just 7 days, being a motorcycle instructor is a demanding role and takes time to perfect and get right.

A proper training programme is important to be able to teach and train other people safely as they are putting their lives in your hands. We promise to give you the very best start into your new career, there are a number of ways in which you can train to become an instructor. Our Online tutorials are the cheapest and easiest way to learn the techniques.

When you commit to undertaking your instructor training with us, we will send you an information pack with lesson plans and training material for pre-course study. This will ensure you have as much knowledge as possible before you start training with us as an instructor. Once you have enrolled, we offer a comprehensive pre and post course support network to ensure you receive all the help you need to achieve your goal.

We offer an introductory course to start your career as an Instructor in Motorcycle Training. You will be given all the relevant information that you need to teach, for each lesson conducted throughout a CBT course, lesson delivery guidance and practice, and also some ‘On Road Training’ in the art of instruction via the radio when teaching.

This is a five day course and is a good opportunity to see if motorcycle training is for you.

This is a far more comprehensive course to ensure you have all the necessary skills required to be a qualified instructor. You will get a dedicated Instructor for your instructor training which is bespoke to your needs.

As a Down-Trained Instructor you can conduct CBT courses and also train students to ride on the road on a motorcycle up to 125cc. During the course we will give you guidance in methods of instruction, lesson planning, teaching skills and various method deliveries for different riding criteria.

This is a 10 day course and can be done in two weeks or to suit your diary.

This qualification is given to you by the ATB who has allowed to to teach customers for them, you to hold a CBT1 certificate as a CBT Down Trained Instructor.

Once you have completed the Down-Trained Instructor course or if you already hold a Down-Trained Certificate your next step is to complete the CBT 2 day assessment at Cardington (the DVSA HQ for Training and Development).

In our ten day preparation course, we provide you with the necessary information to be able to assess and down-train a trainee instructor. You must master the skills to enable you to give feedback and advice on lesson delivery and provide coaching to improve another instructor’s ability. You must demonstrate a high standard of teaching.

Once you complete this course at Cardington, you can train other people to be down-trained instructors so that they are able to conduct CBT courses and also be able to open your own ATB.

You will hold a CBT1C certificate after passing the two day assessment at Cardington.

The final step to become a fully qualified instructor is to complete the DAS (Direct Access Scheme) Course so that you can teach new motorcyclists at all levels from CBT to learning on a larger motorcycle in preparation to passing their motorbike test.

We deliver a comprehensive five day DAS Instructor course to you. This is long enough for you to develop an understanding of the different lessons required to be taught when training someone on a larger machine. You must learn how to introduce the larger motorcycle, conduct fault analysis and give remedial action during off road manoeuvres and deliver thorough on road riding lessons in readiness to pass this course.

The DVSA course you must complete at Cardington is a half day assessment, usually three hours in duration. The qualification gained is a CBT1D certificate with the letter D, denoting that you have passed the assessment as a DAS Instructor.

There are 3 modules to complete to become an Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) Instructor, we deliver a training programme to you that allows you to understand the DVSA route to becoming a trainer.

You do not have to be a CBT/DAS instructor first, you can complete this course if you only want to train to a higher level. It is basic advanced training with a course syllabus that must be completed.

Your route to becoming a certified trainer is:

  • In depth theory test
  • Riding assessment
  • Instructional ability assessment

Online Course

When you make a booking with RMT Motorcycle Training, you will receive a 7 part email series to help you prepare for your CBT course with us. We give you all the secrets to be able to pass first time along with FREE videos to watch to make riding on the road even easier.

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