Course 1
Gaining Full Control

Gaining Full Control

Most people (men and women) have problems when it comes to slow control and stopping in general (even though they would not admit it), the bike becomes heavy, harder to control, you might be anxious about stopping around other traffic or having someone behind watching you, the frustration of not being in full control stops you enjoying your riding and even stops you going out for a ride.

This is where Women Only Motorcycle Training come in, don’t feel you are alone, don’t give up, this is just a small hurdle and we have the tools and techniques to help you overcome all your fears once and for all. We will re-educate you so that the fun comes back, you enjoy being on the bike, it doesn’t matter who’s watching, you will be prepared to ride into that full car park full of confidence and show everyone that you are a great female rider.

No more feeling awkward on the bike, no more frustrating rides, just fun and a greater ability awaits you.

The course content:

  • The secrets of stopping the motorcycle safely
  • Stopping on adverse cambers, not everyone has long legs!
  • Approaching junctions and roundabouts
  • Emerging and decision making made easy
  • Slow control – the basics of getting it right
  • How to hold the handlebars properly
  • Controlled stopping and understanding the bike
  • On road practice

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