Riding with confidence…
with Laura Smith

When women support women, incredible things happen!

As part of our commitment to providing an excellent coaching environment for female riders, RMT have devised a Women Only Motorcycle Training (WOMT) programme that is not ‘showing off’ like other courses portray, it is not trying to overwhelm you, or trying to get you to perform extreme skills on your motorbike that are well outside your comfort zone and ability level, but to give you the basics that you have forgotten or were never taught in the first place.

We always listen to you, understand your fears and frustrations and then give you a solution to overcome your concerns and worries. The coaching has proved to be extremely popular, offering the ideal private training environment for female riders. It is simple and effective guidance that makes all the difference to you, by making sure the foundations are properly in place.

Because Women Only Motorcycle Training understand your apprehensions and concerns and realise that they are very real, normal and actually cause you and your mind very real problems. We want you to conquer the gremlins and leave them well and truly behind you, forever. Start enjoying the bike again, get the buzz you first had and make sure those bad feelings are a thing of the past.

With our research, we have found out that thousands of other women have or are experiencing exactly the same issues as you. It’s the same story time and again, sayings and phrases like “I keep dropping my bike, it feels too heavy, my feet don’t reach the ground, my bike feels too big, I am scared of stopping, I’m frightened sometimes, I’m not fast enough to keep up”… These issues are easily dealt with, it isn’t always a physical problem that we will address but a mental barrier that we need to help smash down to deliver a better future.

Why we are offering it

Are you lacking in confidence when riding in a group or with people you don’t know or lacking the knowledge of what to do and when. Feel you are just trying to keep up, feel that you are holding others up and end up riding above your ability, and then feel scared on the bike?

How we are offering it

This is where Women Only Motorcycle Training come in, you don’t need to feel you are alone, don’t give up, this is just a small hurdle and we have the tools and techniques to help you to overcome all your fears once and for all.

The Solution

We have the solution for all your issues. We will guide you in a no nonsense step by step process that you can apply to all of your riding situations and never feel uneasy again. Instead, be fully aware of what you are doing. Only ever do what you feel is comfortable and know what your boundaries are and ride to your potential, which will of course grow on every journey.

Riding at slow speed is a skill that can really help improve your overall riding ability. If you feel comfortable riding your machine at slow speed and in areas of heavy traffic, you’re more likely to enjoy riding. Fear of losing control, or even dropping the bike on adverse cambers can lead to panic and this is likely to create problems when riding slowly or stopping.

Using the front brake, paddling, erratic clutch control and tensing up, not only look messy but feel unstable too. When under pressure things can go wrong, but if you know the characteristics of your machine and to how to handle it, it will reduce the risk of it happening again…

Read more about Slow Control

Enrol onto a course that deals with all aspects of your riding, tell us what you want to work on and we will design a course just for you and the areas that you want to improve. This is a bespoke training programme that will give you confidence and knowledge, experiencing the improvement will enhance your riding skills.

If you want to improve the essential skills in both slow control riding and advanced training techniques, we will ensure that the course caters for your specific needs.

To book a bespoke course, call us now to speak to one of our friendly team who are more than happy to help you start improving today 01527 500333.

You’ve passed your test and now you’re ready to go… or are you?

Once you get out on the road, motorcyclists come across no end of issues that can put you in an uncomfortable or worse still, dangerous position. Unless you’ve been given some further instruction on how to handle these situations safely, how will you know how to ride it next time?

At Women Only Motorcycle Training, we offer refresher training and an introduction into advanced riding skills that will help you improve and make your next journey an enjoyable one. We can help develop your observations, machine control, road situations and encourage a self-awareness of your riding abilities, all of which are attributes of a good rider. Our training days are bespoke to your needs, covering many common issues, such as cornering, overtaking and road position…

Read more about Refresher Training.

If you want to hone your skills as an advanced rider, then why not take a training day with one of our instructors (if you would like our female trainer, please specify when booking). We can sharpen your skills, go through possible test routes, discuss your progression and get you to test standard. Comprehensive advice will be given throughout the day and you’ll be given constructive feedback on how to get you up to an advanced standard…

Read more about Advanced Training.

Take Control of your future by undertaking a training course called ‘Take Control’, if you live in the catchment area you only pay £50 for a full day guidance, undertaking an Advanced riding course to help improve your existing skills.
There isn’t a catch, the balance is paid by the Safer Roads Partnership to help reduce accidents in our local counties, start improving from today by booking a course.

Call 01527 500333 now to make a reservation or read more about Take Control.

Take a look at the RMT Motorcycle Tours pages and get a feel for the trips and tours that is offered to customers.
If you are interested in coming along to one of the Women Only Tours in 2017, put your name down now and we will add you to the list.
If you have never been abroad before, why not start with a trip to France but if you have lots of experience and feel the longer trip will be the break you deserve, book up for Portugal and experience the Douro Valley and Porto.

Read more about the RMT European Tours.

Read more about Laura our female instructor

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