Motorcycle Training Tours

We offer a unique package of a motorcycle holiday and tour combined with rider training in the UK and on the Continent.

We take care of everything from organising the best scenic routes, booking the accommodation and ferry as well as giving you motorcycle tuition along the way.

These types of holiday are perfect for those who have never ridden abroad before, who might find the prospect of riding on the ‘wrong’ side of the road in unfamiliar surroundings daunting. For others, they may simply enjoy holidaying as part of a group and making new friends.

On our training tours, we get many different types of bikes and a real cross section of riders with very different backgrounds, riding styles, and abilities and we are confident that we cater for everyone.

However, we do expect a level of competency in your riding and an ability to fully control your machine for the safety of yourself and others.

We emphasise that this is a holiday and not an endurance event; we stop for a break every couple of hours dependent on the type of terrain or weather conditions. We always break for lunch and stop mid morning and mid afternoon. This also gives everyone a chance to re-group. We recommend that all riders have radio communication, so we can keep in constant contact whilst giving guidance and advice

We provide all riders with carefully prepared route cards, you can decide to either make your own way to the destination or ride as part of the group. If you prefer to ride with the group, you can still have some time to explore on your own, should you wish to. We appreciate that there are a number of motorcycle holiday companies from which to choose, however we give a unique experience of high quality tuition and guidance every step of the way.

If you are new to riding on the continent, will they teach you to ride as part of a group. RMT trains you as you ride; we give all our riders a development report at the end of the touring holiday to identify areas for improvement, if you want it of course!

For those who have reached the required standard, they will receive an Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) certificate which will entitle them to a discount off your motorcycle insurance premium.

For others, they may be in a position to book an advanced motorcycle test, with IAM or RoSPA, upon return to the UK too. For everyone who attends one of our training and development courses, you have the option to join our RMT Riders Club.




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